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Gamut Worlds is proud to present its newest division, Gamut Games. What is our first game you might ask?




This is a game that utilizes figures called sprites that players use to battle each other. Use a combination of ones' sprite abilities, spell, and trap cards to eliminate all other sprites. Now available at The Game Crafter. 


Proelia is a fantasy tabletop game based on a sport of the same name from the fantasy series, Avalon, written by author Rustin Petrae. In the Avalon series, Proelia is a sport played by a good majority of the population (from adults to kids) where they summon magical constructs called sprites to battle against other opponents. A player only wins if their sprites destroy the other players’ sprites. Proelia can be played with up to 6 players in either single battle, paired battle (played with a partner), or team battle (play with teams of three).

This tabletop variant combines the arena (or game board), sprite pieces with their respective sprite cards, energy cards, spell cards, and trap cards. There are two dice used in this game, a 6-sided dice and a 20-sided dice. The 6-sided dice is for movement and the 20-sided dice determines if an attack hits and, if so, how much damage it does to the other sprite.

Play with up to 6 players. Each player will summon a maximum of 5 sprites onto the field of play (the game-board) and move across it in order to attack and eliminate any opponent player’s sprites. The winner is the player with at least one surviving sprite.

Single Player Mode: Each player attacks all other players in a battle royale, last-sprite-standing fight.

Paired Player Mode: Each player battles with a teammate. They combine the power of their sprites, spell, and trap cards in order to eliminate all opposing teams’ sprites.

Team Player Mode: Players battle in teams of three in order to eliminate the opposing team’s sprites.

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